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The Webmistress

The Webmistress

Embarking on my second life….

I’m Valerie, an older woman who’s working on a second career. I have a husband, grown sons, and a Facebook account that baffles me.

I began my adult work life as a debt collector. During the 1980’s, an old neck injury got my attention and chronic pain syndrome changed my life forever.  Telephone work was almost impossible as holding a phone receiver hurt as did wearing headphones. A job change was in order and, luckily, I studied biology in college so I worked in the medical field for several years. First a doctor’s office, then as a phlebotomist at the local blood bank. I stayed with blood banking for several years, but the chronic pain was worsening. Then, cosmos provided again.

I discovered the local school district and a paraprofessional position in Special Education, a lot. Eyeing the high turnover rate, I jumped at the chance to try working in classrooms. It was a fairly smart move. While it doesn’t pay as much as a teaching position, and teachers don’t earn all that much, I decided to stay at the paraprofessional level. Why? Once you consider how much a school district expects from teachers, outside of classroom time, you realize that in reality, teachers make about as much as paraprofessionals.

Now, I’ve dropped to working as a substitute paraprofessional. I can work only when I feel up to it and can turn some of my attention toward writing and improving my skills. My goal is to become a freelance copywriter.


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