Do you get sweaty palms when holiday  for the family control freak? Dreading Black Friday? Gift cards are an easy option, but they seem inadequate when you want to give a great gift.

You know. The sort of gift that surprises anyone who practices extreme in self-control. You want to watch as they eye the gift, rip off the bow, shred the paper and gasp…or laugh.

Keep Holiday Shopping Enjoyable

Instead of suffering through endless pages of standard holiday gifts, ditch the serious books and clothing for something lighthearted, useful and memorable. A less expensive gift can offer greater pleasure because the recipient is more likely to use it. Set a budget, grab a beverage and cruise this list for inspiration.

  1. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner– You dust your desk. The control freak dusts between the computer’s keys every other day, if not more often. A small will speed up the process and free your freak for other mind-bending, detailed tasks. 
  2. Precision Cheese Knife Set– Who doesn’t want perfectly sliced cheese for sandwiches and snack platters? A simple knife won’t do the job, but a set of cheese cutters makes uniform slicing easy. While you’re at it, get a couple of wheels of gourmet cheese and take the set for a test drive.
  3. Bottle Brushes– Some control freaks are also very responsible recyclers and reusing small bottles means getting that last bit of jelly out of the corners. Besides, you can use cleaned bottles as tiny vases for dried flower arrangements.
  4. Aromatherapy Candles– Nothing soothes a frustrated control freak like a scented candle. Need sleep? Use lavender. Need to feel loved? Burn chocolate chip cookie!
  5. A Guest Book– This isn’t a guest book for the living room, but a guest book for the office or cubicle. Help a control freak remember who stopped by just before the fire alarm went off.
  6. Examination Gloves– Not just for control freaks, we all think about little germs that can derail the . Also a great gift for early childhood teachers and the office worker whose cohorts won’t stay at home when they are sick.
  7. A Convertible Desk– Anyone wondering where to stash a home office will love this. Instead of devoting an extra bedroom in an already cramped apartment, you can open your desk, then close it at the end of the work day.
  8. Monogram Coasters– Why settle for plain coasters when your freak will love a monogram? These babies protect furniture and reinforce identity at the same .
  9. A Ticket Stub Diary– Is your control freak a bit sentimental? Give the gift of orderly memories. Thumb through the stubs and remember those youthful, late-night adventures you’d never reveal to your aging parents.

    Cover of "Ticket Stub Diary"

    Cover of Ticket Stub Diary

  10. A Bluetooth Tracking Tag– Keys. Lost, misplaced or accidentally left in the refrigerator, why  search when you can trigger a tracker? A great gift for a control freak but also good for anyone with keys.

Gifts are Love in a Box

Picky, detail-oriented, impatient or borderline neurotic, your personal control freak keeps you on your toes. In holiday shopping and gift giving, you show your appreciation, despite those little quirks that keep us human. Whether you celebrate , Hanukkah or Yule, a control freak’s tireless work deserves a reward, don’t you think?
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